TigerLead Apex

White label real estate lead generation sites for agents built in 6 weeks.


TigerLead provides a premium, fully integrated marketing platform for real estate professionals. Real estate agents are able to cultivate buyer and seller leads through a white label marketing platform and CRM.

Challenges & Goals

With the rise of platforms such as Zillow and Redfin, the Tiger Lead Apex platform was severe disadvantage with bounce rate, click through and conversion drastically falling year over year.

Our goal was to improve the search and landing experience from concept to development in 6 weeks before our quarterly review.

My Role

  • Senior UX/UI Designer
  • Product Strategy & Research
  • Wireframing / Prototyping
  • User Testing
  • UI Design
  • Lifecycle Campaign

Team Members

  • Michael Kane - General Manager
  • Guillaume Aubert - Director of Technology
  • Dillon Simms - Product Manager
  • Avi Mozes - Full Stack Engineer

Identifying Existing Problems

The existing Tigerlead experience was a non reponsive site which had 90% bounce rate and 1.5% conversion even with user targeted PPC campaigns. There was a clear problem with hierarchy of actions, information and usability.

Competitor Research

BoomTown, Kunversion, and Big Purple Dot were the direct competitors to Tiger Lead. Instead of taking on these sites directly, analysis of Zillow, Trulia and Redfin, the current market leaders in the real estate category, will allow us leapfrog our direct competitors.


Given our condensed timeline, I started at mid fidelity wireframes to get early engineering scope of work. This allowed our engineering team to work in parallel with the bones of the site while early validation and polish were in progress.

User Testing

The Tiger Lead site was was tested over a period of a week through Usertesting.com. Things we learned from the test was that "list view" was preferential over the more informative "map view" much to our surprise. We also learned that regardless of the cutoff of the fold, having larger photos always performed better as it engaged a much stronger emotional response to the property. We also discovered that the higher quality of design and user experience, along with the photo of the realtor of the site, improved trust with the user to send out their contact information.

Supporting Email campign

To ensure the contination of the relationship between the agent and homebuyer, I designed an autoresponder email to catch any stray leads.

Launch & Results

In one month of data analysis, the new Tiger Lead experience was a success. Bounce rate reduced by 50%, there was a 30% increase in click through, and overall conversions raised from 1.5% to 4.3%.

Evolution into Realtor.com

While I was not part of this project, I am proud that the improved Tiger Lead experience served as the launch pad of the new Realtor.com search experience.

Conclusion & Learning

While the site was a great success, there is always room for improvement to the process. If we could have validated that the "map view" was a less than favorable experience we could of saved time and resources in not developing that feature fully. Also the emotional enagement that users had with the photos, regardless of the specific details of the property, might have led into more interesting gallery solutions. Overall the project was considered a massive achievement given our timeframe.

Michael Kane - General Manager, 2014 performance review:
Let’s begin by describing the nature of your responsibility area and the work that you do: you are essentially the entire “design department” at TigerLead. With strong partnership with Dillon, you’re revamping our experiences. To reduce a few months into a few sentences: you’ve admirably and solidly delivered a whole new way of looking at our experience for our consumers."